NOP License

NOP License

The National Organic Programme (NOP) licence is a certification given to growers, processors, and handlers who follow the set organic requirements by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This licence attests to the fact that the company’s products are organic and that all production and processing followed USDA guidelines.

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All the legal fee will be extra as per applicable by the govt.



Benefits of NOP License:

  1. The NOP licence lends legitimacy to organic products and fosters customer confidence in their adherence to the strict organic criteria set by the USDA.
  2. With access to the organic market made possible by the NOP licence, prospects will grow as merchants and customers actively look for goods bearing the organic label.
  3. With the NOP licence, companies may take advantage of the higher prices attached to organic products, thus boosting profitability.
  4. The NOP licence gives recognised firms a competitive edge by demonstrating their dedication to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and consumer health, which appeals to picky and conscientious customers.
  5. The NOP licence qualifies companies for government incentives, grants, and programmes that encourage certified organic operations and provide funding and resources for expanding organic production.
  6. Having the NOP licence encourages customers to make better food choices and helps to conserve the environment. Sustainable agricultural methods, a reduction in chemical inputs, and the protection of natural resources are given top priority by the organic standards.