Gumasta License

Gumasta License


In India, businesses must register with the Gumasta Licence, sometimes referred to as the Shops and Establishments Registration or Trade Licence. State governments issue it under the Shops and businesses Act to control and oversee how commercial businesses operate. This licence, which is necessary for companies engaged in trading, selling goods, providing services, or producing items, assures compliance with labour laws, working conditions, and employee rights.

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All the legal fee will be extra as per applicable by the govt.



Benefits of APEDA License:

  1. Market access: APEDA license enables exporters to access international markets and participate in global trade of agricultural and processed food products.
  2. Legal compliance: Holding an APEDA license ensures compliance with relevant regulations and standards for export, promoting trust and reliability in the global market.
  3. Financial assistance: APEDA offers various financial assistance schemes, subsidies, and incentives to license holders, which can support export-related activities and enhance competitiveness.
  4. Promotional opportunities: License holders gain exposure to APEDA's promotional activities, including trade fairs, exhibitions, buyer-seller meets, and marketing campaigns, which can facilitate business networking and expansion.
  5. Quality assurance: APEDA establishes and enforces quality standards for agricultural and processed food products, ensuring that licensed exporters maintain high-quality products and adhere to food safety norms.