Digital Signature Certification

Digital Signature Certification


A digital signature certificate (DSC) is a type of electronic identification used to confirm the legitimacy of people and organisations doing online business. It serves as the digital equivalent of a physical signature, ensuring the security and integrity of data in electronic documents and messages. Upon confirming the applicant’s identification, Certifying Authorities (CAs) issue a DSC that includes pertinent data such the holder’s name, public key, and validity term.

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All the legal fee will be extra as per applicable by the govt.



Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate:

  1. Enhanced protection: Digital Signature Certificates give digital documents a high level of protection by guaranteeing their validity and integrity.
  2. Legal Validity: Documents that have been digitally signed with a Digital Signature Certificate are enforceable and legally binding.
  3. Savings in Time and Money: Digital signature removes the need to handle physical documents, saving time and money.
  4. Global Acceptance: Cross-border transactions can be conducted using digital signatures that have been generated using a valid digital signature certificate.
  5. Non-Repudiation: Digital signatures offer non-repudiation, making it impossible for signers to back out of transactions.
  6. Convenient and Effective: Since digital signatures may be used remotely, business processes can be streamlined and turnaround times can be sped up.