Certificate of Incorporation of a Pvt ltd Company India

In India, the Certificate of Incorporation is a crucial legal document issued by the Registrar of Companies (RoC) upon successful registration of a Private Limited Company. It serves as proof of the company's existence as a separate legal entity. Here is the general information typically included in the Certificate of Incorporation for a Private Limited Company in India:

  1. Corporate Identification Number (CIN): A unique identification number assigned to the company by the RoC.
  2. Name and Registered Office: The registered name of the company and its registered office address, which serves as the official address for correspondence.
  3. Date of Incorporation: The date on which the company is officially incorporated and registered.
  4. Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction under which the company falls, typically the Registrar of Companies (RoC) where the company is registered.
  5. Type of Company: It specifies that the company is a Private Limited Company.
  6. Authorized Share Capital: The maximum amount of capital that the company is authorized to raise from its shareholders.
  7. Paid-up Capital: The amount of capital that has been subscribed and paid by the shareholders at the time of incorporation.
  8. Object Clause: A brief description of the main objects or activities for which the company is formed.
  9. Directors and Shareholders: The names and details of the initial directors and shareholders of the company, including their addresses and shareholdings.
  10. RoC's Seal and Signature: The Certificate of Incorporation is usually signed by the Registrar of Companies and may bear the seal of the RoC.

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